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The Cyprus Project

30 Interviews
Book and Exhibit Project
by Lisa Fuhr

For two whole years the reunification of the island was on the agenda in Cyprus – during this time the people’s feelings fluctuated between euphoria, denial, and rejection.

In June 2017 the negotiations leading toward this goal broke down – despite expectations otherwise. Yet still not surprising to many because for four decades now they have been living with the rollercoaster of emotions between hope and disappointment over and over again.

It is the broad range of perceptions of facts and the subjective mindset of all sorts of people on the island that are usually not documented in official history books. The Cyprus Project focuses on just that: the way contemporary witnesses perceive the project reunification.

Between 2016 and 2018, during the negotiations and after they failed, the author had in-depth conversations with, and took pictures of ca. 30 Cypriots from the North and South in their surroundings. These are people from different social classes, occupations and generations, allowing for insights into their everyday lives and their view of the situation in Cyprus.

Altogether, these statements provide a chronical that gives us a glimpse behind the scenes into different milieus. It addresses people who are not only interested in the Cypriot culture and its natural attractions, but also in what the reality of life in Cyprus is like for Cypriots. In addition to tourists and visitors, this also means Cypriots living abroad and foreigners who have chosen to settle in Cyprus – and, last but not least, the people in Cyprus itself.

Moreover, the book is intended as a contribution to the current European-wide discussion on national identity, separatism, nationalism or unification, and reconciliation. Political and social scientists might also find important material.

The publication will include a foreword by a renowned Cypriot expert to introduce the political and historical background and the social contexts. A chronology and a map provide further information.

The book is scheduled to appear in May 2019.

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